Gruber, Craig

Craig Gruber
‘Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow’ 1975

Craig Gruber
born: unknown

Another member of the Elf backing band for Blackmore’s first album. Gruber voiced his dissatisfaction along with Driscoll of the way Blackmore had ‘stolen’ their singer. He was fired along with Driscoll and Soule upon completion of the album.

Gruber formed Bible Black in 1980 with former bandmate Gary Driscoll. They released  two albums before Driscoll’s murder in 1987. In the meantime, Gruber played on Gary Moore’s 1984 album ‘We Want Moore’. Gruber was attempting an Elf reunion in 2009 (with a new drummer to replace Driscoll). Also in 2009, Gruber astonishingly revealed he had played on and written most of Black Sabbath’s 1980 ‘Heaven And Hell’ album. This was (according to him) due to Geezer Butler having left the band. However, Butler returned and received the credit for the album. Gruber claimed he had been financially compensated by Sabbath for not receiving his due writing and performance credits…