Guitar Heroes, June 1983…

Blackmore…The Demolition Man!

 Blackmore in Sounds “Guitar Heroes” November 1982

Blackmore beaten into 2nd place in readers’ poll…

Shock! Horror! Who tops the poll? Never mind, read the article and look at the pics from Guitar Heroes 1982 instead…!

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Hero from January 1983…

 Blackmore is the cover artist on the January 1983 issue of “Guitar Heroes” magazine, published by Sounds. Great article and pics along with a feature on Roger Glover too.

Blackmore in black stockings shocker!

Blackmore reacts to sexist “All Night Long” lyrics by wearing ladies underwear…and also discusses the various line-up changes, reviews the Donington show, introduces new drummer Bobby Rondinelli and declares he’s getting bored listening… Continue reading

Blackmore interview following disastrous gig at Edinburgh in 1983…

Simon Scott of ‘Melody Maker’ magazine cautiously interviews Blackmore, Glover and Turner after a rough night at Edinburgh Playhouse:

Rainbow Finyl Vinyl page updated

Family Tree poster now uploaded to the Rainbow compilation of live tracks, ‘Finyl Vinyl’. It’s an amazing showcase of just how many people have been involved with the band as well as all… Continue reading

‘Rainbow Rising’ original launch advertisement – NME

Here’s the original full page ad for the new Rainbow album back in June 1976. This appeared in New Musical Express (NME) and features a glowing review by Geoff Barton (then writing for… Continue reading

UK Tour Ticket Stubs updated

Ticket stubs from UK tours 1976-1983 have now been included on each tour page. Click the thumbnails below to go to the tour page to see the gallery of stubs. If anyone has… Continue reading

Ritchie Blackmore slates new Stratocasters, ‘Made In Japan’ and guitarists who play Gibsons…

“with a Gibson nobody has an identity…” “I think both of them as live LPs are rubbish…” “I didn’t like it. I like proper classical…that album was just a compromise…” “Rainbow On Stage…that… Continue reading

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