Glover, Roger

Roger Glover, Bass

Roger Glover
‘Down To Earth’ 1979
‘Difficult To Cure’ 1981
‘Straight Between The Eyes’ 1982
‘Bent Out Of Shape’ 1983

Roger David Glover
born 30 November 1945
Brecon, Wales

Having been rather unceremoniously fired from Deep Purple in 1973, Glover concentrated on production duties for several bands, most notably Nazareth, Judas Priest, David Coverdale and even ‘discovered’ a band called Elf (Ronnie Dio’s group) for which he also handled production duties and got them signed to Deep Purple’s own record label.

With the departure of Dio in 1978, Blackmore was looking for a more radio friendly sound and was particularly keen for commercial radio success in the USA. Glover was hired for production duties on the new album ‘Down To Earth’ and whilst waiting for a new bassist to be hired to replace Bob Daisley had begun to put down some bass parts for the new album just to keep the recording sessions from stalling. Cozy Powell and Don Airey persuaded Blackmore to let Glover play bass as well as produce. Blackmore relented and Glover was Rainbow’s next bassist.

With the lure of the Deep Purple Mk 2 reunion in 1984, Blackmore dissolved Rainbow and he and Glover departed to Deep Purple where Glover remains an active participant to this day, along with continuing to release solo works.