Kerrang! No.52 – Oct 6-19, 1983

All-Time Album Poll Results – ‘Rainbow Rising’ at No.6…and (at the end of this page), a rave review of Rainbow’s gig at Bingley Hall, Stafford…complete with 4 encores!

Over 7 years after its release, ‘Rainbow Rising’ is still the firm favourite amongst Rainbow and Blackmore fans, polling higher than any Deep Purple release and only being beaten to the top by much newer releases from Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and (rather ironically!) Dio, plus the previous No.2 favourite, AC/DC’s ‘If You Want Blood’…

Here’s the positionings of all Blackmore related LPs:

6. Rainbow Rising
21. Deep Purple – Made In Japan
23. Deep Purple – In Rock
71. Rainbow – Down To Earth
74. Deep Purple – Machine Head
75. Rainbow – Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll