Rosenthal, David

David Rosenthal
‘Straight Between The Eyes’ 1982
‘Bent Out Of Shape’ 1983

David Rosenthal
born: ?? 1963

Rosenthal replaced Don Airey who’d become very  disillusioned with the pranks and mind games employed by Blackmore, including getting all the band to quietly retreat off stage during Airey’s keyboard solo and retire to the hotel with Airey completely unaware! 25 minutes later, Airey gave up his solo and discovered the absent band. Rosenthal was another classically trained pianist and keyboard player. Despite contributing to compositions, Rosenthal received very little writing credits but was notably credited for arranging the orchestral score for Rainbow’s finale ‘Difficult To Cure’ ending of their last show in Japan in 1984.

Rosenthal has gone on to work with predominantly Billy Joel but has also worked with Whitesnake, Steve Vai, Dream Theater, Bruce Springsteen and many more.