Pot Of Gold

2002 | Spectrum

‘Pot Of Gold’ 2002 Spectrum

Another one? Really? Ok, it has some different tracks than the previous 3 greatest hits compilations but this is getting beyond a joke (and we haven’t finished yet!). Is this an attempt to outdo the ridiculous amount of Deep Purple compilations there have been over the years?

Track listing:

1. “Still I’m Sad”
2. “Stargazer”
3. “Kill the King”
4. “L.A. Connection”
5. “Rainbow Eyes”
6. “Since You Been Gone”
7. “Makin’ Love”
8. “Danger Zone”
9. “Vielleicht das Nachste Mal”
10. “Eyes of Fire”
11. “Stone Cold”
12. “Fire Dance”
13. “Fool for the Night”