With a vast array of musicians throughout Rainbow’s history, it’s astounding just how many people contributed to an ever evolving sound and style: 4 lead vocalists, 6 bassists (including Clarke), 5 drummers, 6 keyboard players..and just the one guitarist!

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Airey, Don

Bain, Jimmy

Blackmore, Ritchie

Bonnet, Graham

Bürgi, Chuck

Carey, Tony

Clarke, Mark

Daisley, Bob

Dio, Ronnie James

Driscoll, Gary

Glover, Roger

Gruber, Craig

Morris, Paul

O’Reilly, John

Powell, Cozy

Rondinelli, Bobby

Rosenthal, David

Smith, Greg

Soule, Mickey Lee

Stone, David

Turner, Joe Lynn

White, Doogie