The Final Cut

Video album information/credits:

Compilation of promotional videos from 1979-1983


Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Graham Bonnet/Joe Lynn Turner – vocals
Cozy Powell/Bobby Rondinelli/Chuck Bürgi – drums
Roger Glover – bass
Don Airey/David Rosenthal – keyboards
Track listing:

1. Spotlight Kid
2. Death Alley Driver
3. I Surrender
4. All Night Long
5. Can’t Happen Here
6. Difficult To Cure
7. Can’t Let You Go
8. Power
9. Since You Been Gone
10. Stone Cold
11. Street Of Dreams

Album review:

Released on VHS to coincide with the Finyl Vinyl double album, this is a series of promotional videos from the Graham Bonnet era up to and including the last singles released with the Joe Lynn Turner/Chuck Bürgi line up. Typical of the early MTV era type of rock video productions, some of the videos are merely mimed ‘live’ band performances whilst others attempt to include a theme or concept, some work better than others. Looks pretty dated now but still an interesting overview of the band from the period.

Now available on DVD as a double set with the ‘Live Between The Eyes’ set.