Catch The Rainbow: The Anthology

2003  |  Polydor

‘Catch The Rainbow: The Anthology’ 2003 Polydor

Well done Polydor! You’ve excelled yourselves. Your exploitation has plumbed new depths. A compilation of the previous compilations, but stretched across 2 discs, so it must be value for money right? Wrong. Nothing new, all previously available (don’t forget every Rainbow album has been available on CD for years by now, AND re-released as ‘remastered’ editions!) Give me strength.

Disc one

  1. “Man on the Silver Mountain”
  2. “Sixteenth Century Greensleeves”
  3. “Catch the Rainbow”
  4. “Tarot Woman”
  5. “Starstruck”
  6. “Stargazer”
  7. “Light in the Black”
  8. “Mistreated (Live)”
  9. “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll”
  10. “Gates of Babylon”
  11. “Kill the King”
  12. “Rainbow Eyes”

Disc two

  1. “Eyes of the World”
  2. “Since You Been Gone”
  3. “All Night Long”
  4. “Weiss Heim”
  5. “I Surrender”
  6. “Spotlight Kid”
  7. “Can’t Happen Here”
  8. “Jealous Lover”
  9. “Death Alley Driver”
  10. “Stone Cold”
  11. “Tearin’ Out My Heart”
  12. “Power”
  13. “Can’t Let You Go”
  14. “Desperate Heart”
  15. “Street Of Dreams”
  16. “Difficult to Cure (Live)”