Finyl Vinyl

1986 | PODV8 | Polydor

‘Finyl Vinyl’ 1986 PODV8 Polydor

Album information/credits:

Executive Producer: Ritchie Blackmore
Production: Roger Glover
Art Direction/Cover design: Bill Levy/Izume Inoue
Photography: RossHalfin


Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Roger Glover/Bob Daisley – bass
Joe Lynn Turner/Ronnie James Dio/Graham Bonnet – vocals
David Rosenthal/Don Airey/David Stone – keyboards
Chuck Burgi/Bobby Rondinelli/Cozy Powell – drums

Track listing (Side 1):

  1. “Spotlight Kid” – 6:03 – Tokyo 1984 (Live)
  2. “I Surrender” – 5:43- Tokyo 1984 (Live)
  3. “Miss Mistreated”  – 4:21- Tokyo 1984 (Live)
  4. “Street of Dreams” – 4:54- Tokyo 1984 (Live)
Track listing (Side 2)
  1. “Jealous Lover” – 3:10- studio recording, 1981/ B-side of Can’t Happen Here single.
  2. “Can’t Happen Here” – 4:14- Nassau, 1981 (Live) (actually from Boston, 1981)
  3. “Tearin’ Out My Heart” – 8:05 – San Antonio, 1982 (Live)
  4. “Since You Been Gone” – 3:47 – Monsters Of Rock Festival, Castle Donington, England 1980 (Live)
  5. “Bad Girl” – 4:51-  B-side of Since You Been Gone single
Track listing (Side 3)
  1. “Difficult to Cure” – 11:15- Tokyo 1984 (Live)
  2. “Stone Cold” – 4:28- San Antonio, 1982 (Live)
  3. “Power” – 4:25 – San Antonio, 1982 (Live)
Track listing (Side 4)
  1. “Man on the Silver Mountain” – 8:16- Atlanta, 1978 (Live)
  2. “Long Live Rock ’n’ Roll” – 7:08- Atlanta, 1978 (Live)
  3. “Weiss Heim” – 5:15 –  B-side of All Night Long single

Album review:

Released 2 years after the band’s break-up in 1984, ‘Finyl Vinyl’ is a compilation of live tracks and B-sides that were previously unavailable on album. Whilst an interesting collection of rarities and live versions, the 2LP set is heavily geared to the last incarnation of the band with only 2 songs from the Dio era and 3 from the Bonnet line up (although one of those is the instrumental ‘Weiss Heim’). Perhaps the compilers felt that the Dio line-up had been sufficiently covered off with ‘Rainbow On Stage’ some 9 years earlier? Also, Blackmore decided that a couple of the guitar solos were not as strong as he’d liked, so recorded some overdubs on a couple of tracks; see notes below for which ones and also other interesting points about the album.



  • The cover photograph of Ritchie was taken by Ross Halfin after a concert at the Deutschland Halle in Berlin in November 1982.
  • The LP notes mistakenly credit drums on ‘Weiss Heim’ to Bobby Rondinelli when in fact they were performed by Cozy Powell
  • ‘Difficult to Cure’ is taken from the final Japanese Rainbow date in 1984 and features a full orchestral accompaniment. The guitar solo was re-recorded and differs from the video release.
  • ‘Man on the Silver Mountain’ featured guitar overdubs.
  • The original double vinyl release omitted ‘Street of Dreams’, although it was included on the cassette version. The first CD issue, a single disc, omitted both ‘Street of Dreams’ and ‘Tearin’ Out My Heart’. These were restored on the 2CD remaster, along with the original artwork.
  • Rainbow Family Tree was included as an insert with original pressings: