Man On The Silver Mountain

1975 | OYR103 | Oyster

‘Man On The Silver Mountain’ 1975 OYR103 Oyster

Single information/credits:

Recorded: Feb-Mar 1975, Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany
Production: Ritchie Blackmore, Martin Birch, Ronnie Dio


Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Ronnie James Dio – vocals
Mickey Lee Soule – keyboards
Craig Gruber – bass
Gary Driscoll – drums

Track listing (Side 1):

1. Man On The Silver Mountain (Blackmore/Dio)

Track listing (Side 2):

1. Snake Charmer (Blackmore/Dio)


Given that Blackmore had fallen out with his Deep Purple colleagues over his desire to record the Quatermass song ‘Black Sheep Of The Family’, it was slightly surprising when this song was chosen instead to be the single off the forthcoming album.

The Oyster record label was specifically created for Blackmore to release his new solo album and subsequent single as he wanted nothing to do with the existing Purple Records label.

  • The single failed to chart in the UK.
  • Released in the UK in plain sleeve
  • Note the German and Belgian versions (below) which just mention Ritchie Blackmore as the artist, no mention of Rainbow
  • The Belgian picture sleeve incorrectly has the song title as ‘Man Of The Silver Mountain’
  • The original Japanese pressing has the catalogue number of DP1996, it was reissued in 1978 with the catalogue number DPQ6093